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Ronen Bekerman is sharing new 3d models. This time is a completely scene.


Andrey Mikhalenko arranged all of his 3d models created for the ‘LOFT’ scene, posted not long ago, and packed them into a single free offering for you. All models created using 3d Studio Max, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush & Photoshop.

Be sure to visit Andrey’s Behance page to see more of his work.

Andrei Mikhalenko


We wish you a wonderful weekend! A3z0 team has prepared a new lounge chair. We hope you find it cool. Please find the link below!!PgFCGZrb!1LdiU6HFulLojXQtDTGsehUWArAMNxaRp1zAcctPIyg

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Hi everybody! A3z0 team has prepared a new lounge chair to share with all of you. It is specially prepared to use in any interior project. Please find below the link!!D4V1zC4Z!1HR8YzDJQnHOoMu1TOurSJK3R62RxRjQ-9DlPfQrUHI

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